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Miscellaneous Good Links, 3.29.10

Why did different countries have different experiences with the economic downturn?

Should you be a bull or a bear?

Eddie Lampert, the erstwhile Warren Buffett, who turned out not to be the next Warren Buffett.

John Bogle: Buy and hold a diversified portfolio still works.

The recovery, jobless though it may be.

What exactly is China and how does it affect us?

On financial regulation and the prospects for avoiding the next disaster. Most salient quote:

Government regulators will always be outnumbered and underpaid compared with those whose interest it is to circumvent the regulations. Legislators will often be distracted by other priorities. To believe that the government will ever become a reliable watchdog would be a tragic mistake.

Parsing interest rates and the yield curve: what does it portend for the economy?

Geithner’s amazing trade: timing the market is hard.

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